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A truly European city, Cluj-Napoca hosts a wide variety of historycal buildings and monuments. Some from distant past, others from recent times. Some are more regional, whilst others have been influenced or inspired from outside.

cluj napoca from above

Matei Corvin Statue — in Cluj-Napoca.
Matei Corvin Statue — in Cluj-Napoca.

Cluj Napoca panorama view.

st michaels church cluj napoca romania
St. Michael’s Church, Cluj-Napoca street view.


st. micheal church cluj napoca
St. Michael’s Church, Cluj-Napoca in Cluj-Napoca.


interior view sta micheal church cluj napoca
St. Michael’s Church interior view.


Monumentul Memorandistilor Cluj-Napoca - Cluj-Napoca.
Monumentul Memorandistilor Cluj-Napoca – Cluj-Napoca.


avram iancu statuie cluj napoca
Avram Iancu statue Cluj-Napoca.


avram iancu statue market cluj napoca
Avram Iancu Market – Cluj Travel


national opera cluj napoca romania
National Opera in Cluj-Napoca.


Monumentul "Glorie ostașului român" din Cluj-Napoca
“Glorie ostașului român” monument.


Metropiltan Cathedral cluj napoca romania
Metropolitan Cathedral Cluj-Napoca.
central library cluj napoca travel
Central University Library, “Lucian Blaga” Cluj.


central park cluj napoca travel
Central Park Cluj-Napoca.


Central Park CLuj Napoca
Central Park Cluj Napoca.
Cluj-Napoca Franciscan Church
Cluj-Napoca Franciscan Church.


Cluj-Napoca Neolog Synagogue
Cluj-Napoca Neolog Synagogue.


cluj arena street view
Cluj Arena – Cluj-Napoca.


cluj napoca football arena
Cluj Arena – Cluj-Napoca.


cluj napoca football arena


queen elisabeth bridge in cluj napoca romania
Queen Elisabeth Bridge – Cluj-Napoca.


central train station cluj napoca
Cluj-Napoca train station.

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